About Us

What is the A.C.E Club?

Academics, Choice & Extension

A.C.E Club stands for Academics Choice & Extension. This is an expanded day program which provides academic extension and support, while offering a choice of enrichment activities in arts, technology, sports and life skills. 

These expanded day programs include Financial Literacy, Coding & Robotics, Visual Arts, Photography, Music Technology, Clothing Design / Sewing / Re-styling, Digital Media Design, Film & TV production, Food Growing / Composting, Cooking / Nutrition / Meal Preparation, Instrumental and Vocal Music programs, Dance and Creative Movement, Theater, Poetry, Martial Arts, Athletics, Bicycle Repair, Entrepreneurial and Cultural Studies..

.A.C.E Club staff provide individualized, differentiated academic instruction, including extension and direct clinical remediation, to students on all levels, improving academic outcomes while providing creative, useful, healthy enrichment programs, giving students an outlet for personal choice, self-expression and development of their goals and interests.

Academic Support

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